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The Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce is pleased to invite you to join a webinar in partnership with Dentons Global Advisors focusing on: "The 7 pitfalls and the 12 most common errors of public affairs". The webcast will take place on 8 November 2022 at 10h00 am CET.

Making the most of public affairs: considering the odds at stake and faced with an increasingly demanding ecosystem of journalists, policymakers and activists, companies continue to struggle with the challenge of advancing their interests and convincing stakeholders to take positive action.

Key issues to be addressed: this training covers the seven most common errors witnessed in the field of public affairs campaigns, as well as the twelve main mistakes made by lobbyists and ways to overcome them. Finally, we discuss the seven personality characteristics driving the core skills of an ideal lobbyist.


本次研讨会的主讲者Karel Joos先生,是Dentons全球顾问公司的合伙人。他的演讲重点会从公司的角度切入,如何应对记者、政策制定者和活动家日益加强的公共事务生态圈,并在其中做到平衡,并充分发展自己的公共事务事业。对此,公司需要继续努力应对挑战,在促进自身利益增长的同时,也能说服利益相关者采取积极的合作。

这场研讨会旨在帮助解决公共事务展开中的一些关键难点,将涵盖公共事务活动领域最常见的七个错误,以及说客们最有可能犯的十二个错误,以及克服这些错误的方法。最后,Karel Joos先生将和与会者探讨成功的游说者应该具备的七个核心技能和人格特征。


  • Karel Joos (Partner, Dentons Global Advisors)

    Karel Joos

    Partner, Dentons Global Advisors

    Karel Joos, a partner in Dentons Global Advisors, provides his clients with public affairs, corporate communications, and crisis communications consulting, primarily in the industrials, technology, transport, and logistics sectors. Over time, he has developed expertise in healthcare, especially in reimbursements and reputational issues for pharmaceutical companies.

    A construction engineer and financial economist, Karel received a military education in the Royal School of Cadets, the Royal Military Academy, and the Engineers Corps Academy, all in Belgium. Karel’s career has been multi-faceted. He served as a captain in the Belgian armed forces and co-authored four books on transportation economics. Prior to joining Interel in 2008, he worked as an advisor to the Minister-President of the Flemish government and as a director in the cabinet of the Belgian minister for public sector enterprises, where he supervised policymaking for the Belgian railways and postal services operator Bpost and telecommunications operator Belgacom.

    At his home in Antwerp, he writes literary fiction and has published, among other things, two novels and a novella. He is also a frequent contributor of op-ed pieces, and over the last 13 years has been published in the three leading newspapers in Belgium: De Standaard, De Tijd, and De Morgen.

    Karel is also the noted author of a textbook on his profession ("Lobbying") and is preparing a new book on Storytelling for lobbyists to be released in October 2021.

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  • Gwenn Sonck (Executive Director, Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce)

    Gwenn Sonck

    Executive Director, Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce

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